Item 5

Directions: Read the item below. Then answer the questions that follow.

At the back of the classroom, Nina sat with her arms crossed, glaring at her teacher, Professor Beane, her body language indicated that English literature was her least favorite subject.

Is this item a comma splice? If you believe it is a comma splice, use your mouse to choose the left door below. A comma splice, remember, is two complete sentences incorrectly joined with a comma.

Or is the item a fused sentence? If you believe it is a fused sentence, then use your mouse to choose the right door. A fused sentence occurs when a writer incorrectly joins two complete sentences with absolutely no punctuation.

Whichever door you pick, you win a prize—but only the correct choice is a cool cyber prize!

left door = comma splice

Comma Splice?

orange door = fused sentence

Fused Sentence?